DIY Turquoise Glitter Shoes

Dorothy had the christian louboutin right idea. Shoes that glitter really are more fabulous. So much so that several couture designers like Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin now produce their own varieties of glittery shoes, available in high-end department stores for $700 or more. But for those fashion-conscious shoppers who prefer avoiding high, three-figure prices for a pair of shoes, there is a do-it-yourself alternative. Creating your own turquoise glitter shoes isn't difficult, but you do need to follow certain steps to prevent your dazzling pumps from leaving a trail of glitter.Other People Are ReadingDIY Glitter Shoes With Mod PodgeHow to Make Your Shoes SparklePrint this articleThings You'll Need1/2 cup glossy finish sealant glueTurquoise glitterFoam paintbrushBristle paintbrushSmall bowlMasking tapeDamp clothShow MoreInstructions 1Wipe down your shoes with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove any dirt or debris. A clean surface bonds more strongly with glue than a dirty one.2Cover the soles and edges of your shoes with masking tape for clean lines and to prevent unwanted glitter in certain places.3Pour 1/2 cup of sealant glue into a bowl and stir in the loose turquoise glitter until you reach the desired concentration of sparkle. A high glitter concentration means full glitter coverage on your shoes with few layered applications.4Apply the glittery glue directly to the surface of your shoes using a foam paintbrush. Unlike a traditional paintbrush, a foam paintbrush won't leave streaks in your glitter . Cover the entire shoe and let the glue dry until it feels dry to the touch.5Apply a second and third layer to each shoe until you're satisfied with the glitter coverage. Allow each layer ample drying time before applying the next to ensure even coverage.6Apply a generous coat of plain sealant glue (without glitter) using a bristled paintbrush. Complete this step only after the previous layers of glitter glue dry completely. This clear sealant coat helps the glitter stay on your shoes instead of falling off on the floor.Tips & WarningsUse shoes made from a hard material like vinyl or leather. Shoes made from flexible material bend and won't hold the glitter as well.Sealant glue is available in any craft store. For maximum shine, purchase Christian Louboutin Shoes the glossy variety.
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